Retail media platform for managing and monetizing the advertising traffic of an e-commerce player
What is retail media
Retail media is the placement of brand advertising on the website or mobile application of an e-commerce player to influence the consumer directly at the point of sale.

With retail media, brands can strengthen their presence on the digital "shelf," which is the digital equivalent of promotional stands in physical stores.
Why should you consider retail media
Your user experience remains unchanged
You decide where and how many advertising spaces to have on your platform
Data security
The data is stored on your servers and is encrypted
Improved user experience
Show users only the advertising that will definitely work at the right moment
Independent control of advertising
Create a whitelist/blacklist, control the volume for external and internal partners
Solution for E-commerce
Real-time reporting
Full automation of traffic management
Transparent monetization system
Solution for advertisers
Network of e-commerce players
3 categories: pharmacy, fashion, and technology
Metrics, from reach and impressions to sales lift
Why should you work with us
  • Data management platform
  • Ad server with a predictor
  • Full-service solution and AI KPI optimization
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